DL Chemicals occupies a leading position among silicone and sealant manufacturers. DL Chemicals directs itself exclusively to the professional market and manufactures only products of a high and constant quality.


DL Chemicals offers a complete range of sealants, MS-polymers and hybrid sealants, acrylic and PU sealants as well as PU-foams and adhesives.
DL Chemicals furthermore offers an extensive range of auxiliary products such as sealing strips, cleaners, primers, roof protection and coating products, hydrofuges and guns for silicone cartridges.


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27-8-2015  - Expansion of the production

Our production departement in Waregem will be extended with a new production hall of around 1000 m². This extension will give us extra space for the filling machines. In this new production hall there will also be a floor with brand new staff areas: a new canteen, changing rooms, showers and toilets.


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17-8-2015  - Paraphalt Flex Seal: for a wide range of projects
10-7-2015  - Paracol Montagekit Neoprene: toluene free
paracol montagekit neopreen

We are continually developing and optimizing our products. As toluene is seen as an aggressive solvent, we have adapted the formula of our Paracol Montagekit Neoprene. This products is from now on toluene free.

8-6-2015  - DL Chemicals is awarded silver for its CSR management

DL Chemicals has been awarded with a silver recognition level from EvoVadis, an organisation that audits the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) management of companies. DL Chemicals is hereby placed in the top 30% performers evaluated by EcoVadis. We always attempt to make ecological, economical and social responsible choices, so we don't jeopardize the needs of our future generations.


More information: www.ecovadis.com


21-9-2015  -
21-9-2015  -

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