DL Chemicals occupies a leading position among silicone and sealant manufacturers. DL Chemicals directs itself exclusively to the professional market and manufactures only products of a high and constant quality.


DL Chemicals offers a complete range of sealants, MS-polymers and hybrid sealants, acrylic and PU sealants as well as PU-foams and adhesives.
DL Chemicals furthermore offers an extensive range of auxiliary products such as sealing strips, cleaners, primers, roof protection and coating products, hydrofuges and guns for silicone cartridges.


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20-5-2016  - DL Chemicals continues to deliver in July and August
ZONDL Chemicals doesn't close during the summer. All deliveries will continue as usual.


Private label customers have to take into account reduced production. Orders for private label products that are placed after the 17th of June will not be delivered before the 31st of August.


We wish everyone a nice holliday!

14-3-2016  - The parquet world is at your feet


The range of parquet adhesives has been completely renewed and extended.


Click on the titel for more information.

18-1-2016  - New: Parabond FR
Parabond FR

Parabond FR is a new elastic sealant based on MS polymers, specially designed for use in rooms where fire resistance is important.


Discover our complete range of fire retardant and heat resistant products in the new brochure.


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25-11-2016  - Belgian Roof Day

logoBrussels Kart Expo, Grand-Bigard

Friday 25 November 2016

Stand nr. 109

29-11-2016  - Day of the Finishing

journée du parachèvement


Brussels Kart Expo - Groot-Bijgaarden

Tuesday 29 November 2016.

Stand nr. 109