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  • Professional quality - ISO 9001 Quality label
  • Your partner with excellent service and know-how
  • Independent manufacturer
  • ISO 14001 environmental care certificate
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Our products are used for the most diverse applications all over the world. Discover a selection of the many projects that have been executed with our products.

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Partner of the professional since 1936

DL Chemicals occupies a leading position among silicone and sealant manufacturers. DL Chemicals directs itself exclusively to the professional market and manufactures only products of a high and constant quality.

DL Chemicals offers a complete range of sealants, MS-polymers and hybrid sealants, acrylic and PU sealants as well as PU-foams and adhesives.
DL Chemicals furthermore offers an extensive range of auxiliary products such as sealing strips, cleaners, primers, roof protection and coating products, hydrofuges and guns for silicone cartridges.