Synthetic packers NDR


  • Packers of solid synthetic
  • Long service life
  • Length of 80 mm
  • The packers NDR are available in 5 thicknesses (1 to 5 mm) in widths from 20 to 52 mm.
  • The packers DR are available in 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm thickness and in 22 mm and 26 mm width
  • Grains at both sides in order to avoid the packers from sliding
  • Hardness shore D : 61
  • Hardness shore A : 95


  • For insulating glazing. The packers are compatible with all sealants intended for the manufacture of insulating glazing.
  • When using ordinary packers, glass can deform the packers. This is avoided when using these hard plastic packers.