Parafoam 2K


  • Two-component polyurethane foam
  • The foam cures as a result of a chemical reaction between a prepolymer and catalyst
  • Fast and regular curing
  • CFC- and HCFC-free (ozon friendly)
  • Can be painted
  • High volume - no post-expansion after curing
  • Resistant against water, heath and chemicals
  • Good thermal and acoustic insulation


  • Surfaces: excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, stone, plasterwork, wood, fibre cement and metals.
  • Assembling of interior doors and door linings & window frame installations with additional mechanical support
  • Fastening with fast fixation of wooden cavity strips
  • Sealing of connections of water sills and thresholds, filling large gaps and cavities
  • Sealing joints around window frames (subject to movement)