Parafoam Panelglue 1K


  • Ready to use manual one-component PU foam adhesive
  • All-season foam, can be used at an ambient temperature starting from -5°C to 30°C
  • Glued parts are chargeable after 2 hours
  • CFC- and HCFC- free (ozon friendly)
  • No hardening behind the safety valve, no intrusion of moisture
  • Cured foam is resistant against water


  • Bonding polystyrene, XPS, EPS, PUR and PIR insulation panels, Isomo, MDF, Gyproc and OSB panels within insulating systems.
  • Gluing can be done vertically against the facade or wall or horizontally on the roof.
  • Also suitable for the bonding of aerated concrete blocks in non-load bearing inner walls.
  • Also suitable for filling joints between insulation boards (if not exposed to UV rays).
  • Adheres well to all common building materials.