Manual Gun Alu Foil Packaging 600 ml

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 Manual aluminium gun for pouches of up to 600 ml with no drip switch: dripping can be allowed or avoided. 

  • Smooth, fast sealing in drip mode
  • Cleaner working and less product loss in no-drip mode
  • Increased ease of use through the 360° rotating metal frame
  • With ergonomic handle
  • No lubrication of parts required
  • With durable metal sealing rings
  • Outstanding protection of sealant packaging with the closed aluminium frame
  • Long service life

More Information
  • Suitable for light viscous sealants to medium viscous sealants.
  • For foil packagings up to 600ml.
  • Geeignet für intensive und langfristige Nutzung.
Short description

 Ergonomic aluminum manual sealant gun for large sausage packs up to max. 600ml, l for intensive and long-term use.

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