DL Chemicals acquires paint manufacturer Libert Paints from Ghent

Since the 23rd of August 2019, the company Libert Paints has been acquired by DL Chemicals. Libert Paints is a strong, medium-sized Belgian enterprise, which produces protective and industrial coatings, hygiene solutions, floor and building paints. The new production facility is located in the port of Ghent since 2016.

Through the acquisition of Libert Paints, DL Chemicals returns to its original core business. When DL Chemicals was established in 1936, putty and paint were produced. This would later be expanded and replaced by the production of sealants and adhesives.

Many similarities can be drawn between Libert Paints and DL Chemicals. They are both family businesses with their own production facility, they both focus on the professional market and have a global export. These parallels will undoubtedly lead to cooperation projects and synergies between the two companies in the future.  

Philippe Detaellenaere, president of DL Chemicals: "In the first months we are mainly working on the recruitment of people for some important leading functions. Strategically, we are looking at how the successes of DL Chemicals can be converted to Libert Paints. The company already makes qualitatively very good products. Now the aim is to raise the turnover of the company."