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A new design on its way for Parasilico!

Parasilico, the silicone sealant brand for professionals, has been produced since 1979 by  DL Chemicals. In 2018 a major change is about to take place: all silicone cartridges will have new, fresh designs.

Parasilico is the professional’s favorite sealant for sealing elastic joints and finishing off many building projects. The sealants have a permanent elasticity and an excellent adhesive strength on the majority of construction materials. They are produced under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality label and have several product certifications.

  • The new cartridge design is made up in the company’s typical colors black and green, which gives more serenity and uniformity in comparison with the previous design.
  • Furthermore every silicone type can be easily recognized by its specific color area. This way, the customer can quickly make the distinction in the store or on the building site.
  • A category mentioned on the cartridge helps distinguishing for which applications the sealant is suitable: WEATHERSEAL, UNIVERSAL, SANITARY, PLASTICS, NATURAL STONE, HIGH TEMPERATURES, FIRE RESISTANT…
  • The new cartridges will gradually arrive on shelves in summer-autumn 2018 (after depletion of stock of the previous design). The first series of cartridges in the new design will already be available in july. The first cartridges in the new design are Parasilico Alcoxy 15 (T), Parasilico E95, Parasilico Premium, Parasilico Sanitair N, Parasilico Sanitair E and Parasilico Sanitair E85+.

Keep an eye on this page to get updates on our new cartridges. Contact to digitally receive pictures or leaflets of the 6 new cartridges.