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Wood and Soft Flooring

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Your dream floor, we've got it covered!

The world of parquet and flexible floor coverings is constantly changing and we are evolving with it.

DL Chemicals, your reliable partner for adhesive and sealing applications since 1936, offers you a renewed range of products for the professional installation of wooden and flexible floor coverings.

Thanks to our extensive choice of primers, leveling products, parquet and flexible floor adhesives and finishing products, you can always count on DL Chemicals to realize the most diverse projects. DL Chemicals also offers a suitable solution in difficult circumstances, where (rising) moisture, poor adhesion, uneven screeds  or difficult parquet types are a challenge.

Your dream floor, we've got it covered!

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Priming with Primer WB, Primer PU Turbo of DL Egaline Primer helps reducing the suction power of an absorbent surface, helps improving the adhesion between the substrate and the adhesive or leveling layer, helps reducing the amount of adhesive spread needed, etc. 

Parquet and flexible floor covering must be applied on a sufficiently dry surface. If the substrate is not completely dry, the waiting time before installing the floor can be shortened by applying a moisture-blocking epoxy primer like Hydroblocker 2K. Even when there is a risk of rising or capillary moisture, a specific moisture-blocking primer like Hydroblocker 3K can be used. Such primers consist of a 2- or 3-component system and also serve as adhesion improvers for the adhesives. 

Leveling the substrate with DL Egaline or DL Maxi Egaline is necessary when the surface is uneven. With a glued installation of the wooden floor covering, the permissible flatness deviation is 2 mm over a length of 1 m and 3 mm over a length of 2 m. Leveling will improve the flatness of the substrate in such a way that the bonding surface is optimal. 

Parquet bonding

For a perfect bonding of a parquet floor, one must respect the correct wood treatment, the surface, the presence of underfloor heating, the correct choice of glue comb and the correct choice of adhesive!  You can find more information in the concept brochure. 

There are different types of parquet adhesive, of which the 1-component polymer adhesives (like Parabond Parquet 300, Parabond Parquet 340, Parabond Parquet 440 en Parabond Parquet 540) and the 2-component (epoxy) polyurethane adhesives (like Paracol Parquet 2C PU+) can be used for most applications due to their versatility. 

Bonding of flexible floor covering

Paracol Universal Flooring is a universal dispersion adhesive for flexible floor coverings like vinyl, LVT, carpet, linoleum, cork...

The very low emission (EC1+) adhesive is healthy for indoor use: harmless to health while applying and when using the floor!


DL Chemicals offers a wide range of finishing products for every flooring project.