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Durable, phthalate-free plastic sealants and MS hybrid polymers

DL Chemicals strives to be the pre-eminent producer of high quality sealants and adhesives, with a long-term partnership with professional users worldwide.

"Phthalates", esters of phthalic acid, were added to some of products to ensure elasticity, but are under pressure due to alleged negative effects on people and the environment. Phthalates are suspected of having harmful effects when released from plastics.

By focusing on green innovation we are able to announce a new, sustainable innovation. As of today, the range Paracryl (plastic sealants) and Parabond (MS and hybrid polymers) is completely phthalate free


Advantages of phthalate free products:

  • No burden on the environment
  • Safer for health
  • Product performance remains unchanged
  • No loss of elasticity


From now on phthalate free:

  • All Paracryl products
  • ReXon 121 Acrylic Super, 122 Acrylic Deco, 125 Acrylic Filler, 126 Acrylic Parquet
  • ReXon 132 Repair Kit
  • All Parabond products (with exception of Parabond Transparant)
  • ReXon 254 Parquet MS
  • ReXon 281 MS High Tack, 283 MS Extreme Tack, 284 MS Construction, 286 MS Tack & Go