Paraphalt Bitumen


  • Plasto-elastic bituminous sealant reinforced by fibers
  • After curing a permanent plasto-elastic mass is formed
  • Can be used (cold) immediately after unwrapping
  • Tixothrope: cannot drip, flow or spill and makes no threads
  • Free from asbestos
  • Resistant to moisture


  • For gluing and reparations on bituminous roofs.
  • Waterproof sealing of joints, seams, rooftop fences, skylights, chimneys, ventilation tubes, drainpipes, etc. 
  • Adhesive for insulating panels (insulation must be resistant to solvents).
  • Immediate and permanent adhesion on all common construction materials, such as brick, concrete, lead, zinc, tiles, insulating panels, certain plastics, etc.

Available colors