Paraphalt Butyl*


  • Synthetic rubber-based sealant
  • For indoors and out
  • Solvent-containing sealant
  • Compatible with copper and bitumen
  • Mould-resistant, UV-resistant and weather-proof
  • Silicone-free
  • Adheres to wet, slippery substrates
  • High elasticity
  • Can be painted over with most paints


  • Seals everywhere in and on the house, versatile applications
  • For expansion and connection joints. E.g. for façades, glass, kitchens and bathrooms and roofing.
  • Adheres to nearly all surfaces without primer, e.g. masonry, concrete, plaster, wood, metal, glass, bitumen and many more synthetic materials

*Only on demand and per full productionrun. 

Available colors