Pressband Acryl


  • Joint sealing tape
  • Made of polyurethane soft foam with acryl dispersion impregnation
  • Self-adhesive on one side
  • Pre-compressed (to one fifth of its original thickness)
  • On rolls of different length, varying according to the thickness
  • Rainproof up to at least 300 Pa (*)


  • Window construction
    • Heavy rain tight connection joints
    • Thermal sealing between the window frame and the masonry, profile coupling, backfilling, window pillars
  • Fa├žade technology
    • Support for in-situ concrete/concrete element
    • Boarding connection when concreting
  • Interior work
    • Light partitions
    • Decoupling of double floors
  • High-pitched/flat roof
    • Roof area window
    • Pantile sealing
    • Ridge/groin/groove/dormer window