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Correct application is as important as the choice of the product

Consideration of type of substrate, movemenet required and several other critaria helps choosing the right product. DL Chemicals loves to help you with the choice of the product, so you can perfectly finish every project. 

Always consult the technical data sheet of the product before use (see product detail). The TDS not only offers technical data but also information about the preparation of the substrates, the paplication of a primer, the finishing, etc.

Our technical sales representatives and our technical service are also at your disposal for any questions. Go to the contact form and send us your questions. When necessary you can also use our 'DL On Site' service.


On our Youtube channel you'll find our different productvideos.

In our DoP database you can find all the DoP's of our products

For up to date Safety Data Sheets please contact

Download other useful documents: 

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General conditions of sale

DL Academy

DL Chemicals has a fully equipped trainings center, the 'DL Academy'. In this center theoretical as well as practical training sessions are given to groups up to 15 participants. The training sessions are adapted to your wishes and needs. Moreover 'DL Academy' training sessions can also be on location. In this case our instructor comes to you.


DL On Site

DL On Site offers the service to architects, contractors and professionals of sending a specialist to your construction site for technical advice. 

Having doubts about the adhesion of your bond, the state of the surface, de air- or watertigh finishing? DL Chemicals has the know-how to consult the correct methods and products for you.

In case of doubts or questions about the correct application of our products on your construction site, please contact us and we fix an appointment.