Parafoam Panelglue NBS


  • One-component PU foam adhesive
  • Glued parts are chargeable after ± 2 hours
  • CFC- and HCFC- free (ozone friendly)
  • Accurately controlled application with NBS gun
  • Adheres well to most common building materials
  • Low post-expansion and expansion pressure
  • Resistant to wind load


  • Bonding of insulation panels based on polystyrene (XPS, EPS) and polyurethane (PUR and PIR insulation panels) for (exterior) façade and wall insulation and foundations. 
  • Bonding of flat roof insulation on flat roof (warm roof).
  • Bonding of wall panels in indoor applications such as MDF, plasterboard boards, gyproc, composite sheets and OSB panels.
  • Bonding of aerated concrete blocks in non-load bearing inner walls.
  • Bonding of window sills.
  • Filling joints and cavities between insulation panels (if not exposed to UV rays