Bituminous sealants

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  1. Pararoof Bitumen

    Plastic, rubber-bitumen sealant reinforced with fibres. For the repair of bituminous roofs and the waterproof detailing of joints, seams, roof edge closures, skylights, rainwater drains...

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  2. Pararoof Super

    Flexible adhesive and sealant used for waterproof sealing of joints, seams, roof edge closures, skylights, drains, roof ducts, chimneys... For sealing leaks and emergency repairs during rainy weather. For plugging cracks, fissures and blisters in roofs and gutters. Suitable for use on wet surfaces and even underwater. Adhesive for bituminous substrates, roofing, roof rolls, tiles, insulation panels, etc.

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DL Chemicals is renowned for the quality and durability of its products. One of our valued product lines is our bitumen sealants, which are designed to effectively waterproof surfaces and protect them from harmful elements such as water and weather influences.

Features and benefits of our bitumen

The features and benefits of our bitumen are extensive. They provide robust, long-lasting protection and are easy to apply. Unlike many other materials, our bitumen retains their flexibility in the most demanding conditions. This makes them a reliable choice for countless applications.

Versatile use of bitumen products

Our bitumen products are particularly suitable for the repair of roofs, gutters, and other exterior surfaces, acting as an effective bitumen roof sealer. They simplify the maintenance of your home or business and contribute to a safer environment. Find out for yourself how DL Chemicals' bituminous mastic can help you to waterproof and protect your valuable assets. Explore our range today.