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  1. Paracol PU D4 Normal

    Pasty polyurethane-based construction glue, perfect for solid wooden constructions. Waterproof (D4 EN 204) and transparent with filling capacity through expansion. 

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  2. Paracol PU D4 Rapid

    Pasty polyurethane-based construction glue that cures extremely fast: hand-tight after 10 minutes.

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  3. Paracol PU D4 Construct

    Waterproof (D4 EN 204) and thixotropic polyurethane glue. The product foams very little and can be sanded and painted. Cures quickly, hand-tight after 20 minutes. 

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  4. Paracol Pu Alu Construct

    One-component polyurethane glue for automatic and manual gluing of corner joints in aluminium windows and doors.   

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  5. Paracol 2C PU Construct

    Two component polyurethane-based adhesive for the structural bonding of many materials. Can be used for applications under water.

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