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  1. EasyGun Adaptor

    Applicator for applying one component polyurethane foam without a foam gun.

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  2. Standard NBS gun

    Pistol, sturdy version, for applying one-component polyurethane foam. 

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  3. NBS Gun 100 cm

    Gun for the application of one-component polyurethane foam with a long nozzle for places difficult to reach. 

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  4. Economical NBS gun

    Foam gun, light version, for applying polyurethane foam. 

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  5. Light NBS gun

    Light gun with adjustment screw for applying one-component polyurethane foam.

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Foam guns, also known as expanding foam guns, are essential tools for the professional craftsman. They are used to accurately and efficiently apply foam to a variety of surfaces. At DL Chemicals we understand the needs of our customers and offer a wide range of foam guns to meet those needs.

Advantages of our foam guns

Our expanding foam guns are designed for superior performance and durability. They offer numerous benefits such as accurate metering, less waste and better control during foaming. This results in a cleaner working environment and a higher quality end result.

DL Chemicals' range

Within our range you will find a variety of foam guns, from basic models to more specialised versions. For example, we have foam guns with long nozzles for hard to reach areas. This variety allows us to provide a product to suit any specific application. Whether you have a simple task or a complex project, DL Chemicals has the right foam gun for you.