Chemical anchors

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  1. Parachim Vinylester

    Two-component, vinylester, styrene free fixing mortar, perfect for all stress-free anchoring and post-installation of rebars. 

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  2. Extension mixing nozzle

    Extension for the static mixing nozzle for chemical anchor.

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  3. Sieve sleeve

    Injection plug for chemical anchoring in hollow materials.

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  4. Metal sieve sleeve

    Metal sieve sleeve for use when chemical anchoring is applied in hollow or perforated bricks.

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  5. Parachim Polyester

    Two-component, polyester, styrene free fixing mortar, perfect for all stress-free anchoring.

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DL Chemicals: Your partner for high quality chemical anchors and tools

Renowned for its expertise in chemical anchoring, DL Chemicals offers premium chemical anchors and associated tools. Each product is designed to the highest standards of safety and efficiency in mind, underlining our commitment to technical excellence and reliability. We offer a one-stop solution for all your anchoring needs, regardless of the complexity of the project. Discover the benefits of DL Chemicals chemical anchoring solutions today.