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  1. EasyGun Adaptor

    Applicator for applying one component polyurethane foam without a foam gun.

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  2. Standard NBS gun

    Pistol, sturdy version, for applying one-component polyurethane foam. With adjusting screw for perfect dosing.

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  3. Parafoam Vaseline Spray

    Forms an acid-free film against rusting and against the sticking of the can to the adapter of the NBS-gun.

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  4. NBS Gun 100 cm

    Gun for the application of one-component polyurethane foam with a long nozzle for places difficult to reach. 

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  5. Economical NBS gun

    Foam gun, light version, for applying polyurethane foam. With adjusting screw for perfect dosing.

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  6. PU Foam and Gun Cleaner

    Cleaner for internal cleaning of the NBS-gun and/or removing uncured polyurethane foam or PU adhesives. 

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  7. Light NBS gun

    Light gun for applying one-component polyurethane foam. With adjustment screw for perfect dosing. Suitable for sporadic use.

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DL Chemicals' premium PU foam accessories are designed to make your job easier and more efficient. From foam applicator guns to cleaners, we offer a comprehensive range of products that seamlessly complement our PU foams.

Comprehensive range of PU foam accessories

  • Foam applicator gun: our foam guns are specifically designed for use with our PU foams. They provide precise control and consistent application, reducing material waste and achieving better results.
  • Foam cleaner: our foam cleaners are essential for maintaining your foam guns and other application equipment. They help remove excess foam and prevent clogging, ensuring your tools last longer.
  • Vaseline spray: this product creates an acid-free film that prevents rust and the foam nozzle from sticking to the gun adapter.

Tools and accessories for successful projects

At DL Chemicals, we are committed to providing you with the tools and accessories you need to make your projects a success. Explore our range of PU foam accessories and experience the DL Chemicals quality for yourself.