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  1. Mixing nozzle

    Static mixing nozzle for applying  Parachim chemical anchor.

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  2. Nozzle adaptor for foil packaging

    Intermediate piece to be placed between nozzle and foil packaging, to use in manual guns for foil packaging.

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  3. Nozzles + Cap

    Nozzles with handy sealing cap to prevent the sealant from drying out.

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  4. Flexibele nozzle 360° + cap

    Draaibare spuitmonden met dop voor het bereiken van moeilijke plaatsen.

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Discover our wide range of nozzles

Within the DL Chemicals range you'll find different types of nozzles and spray nozzles, designed with technical expertise and tailored to different applications. Our nozzles range from simple cartridge and sausage spray nozzles to more complex flexible nozzles. Each product in our range is designed to meet specific needs and make your job more efficient and effective.

The right nozzle for every application

Our nozzles are not only versatile, but also highly functional. We have the right nozzle for every application. Looking for a mixing nozzle for a chemical anchor? We've got it. Our nozzles are designed to deliver reliable performance and superior results, whatever the demands of your project. At DL Chemicals you will always find the right (spray) nozzle for your specific needs.