Pre-compressed tapes

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  1. Pressband Acryl

    Pre-compressed tape, impregnated with acrylic, one side self adhesive, grey.

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  2. Topband

    Pre-compressed tape in polyurethane foam, impregnated with acrylic dispersion. 

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What is compriband?

Compriband, also known as pre-compressed tape, is a technically advanced waterproofing and insulation product. These products are renowned for their unique ability to expand after installation, creating an effective barrier against water, air and noise. DL Chemicals’ compriband range promises reliability and durability, whatever the application.

Versatile applications for compriband

Compriband is versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. In window construction, for example, it is used to create a seamless seal between the window frame and the wall, preventing leaks and draughts. In façade engineering, the compriband is an effective solution for sealing expansion joints. Interior construction can also benefit from compriband, where it provides acoustic and thermal insulation between walls and ceilings. It is also used in roof structures to prevent water ingress. These are just a few of the many applications.

DL Chemicals: your reliable partner for compriband

With a strong emphasis on technical expertise, DL Chemicals positions itself as your reliable partner for compriband. Our products are designed to meet your specific needs with a focus on quality, performance and customer satisfaction. Trust DL Chemicals for all your joint tape needs and experience the benefits of our superior technology and service.