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  1. Parabond 600
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    High quality adhesive based on hybrid polymers, highly suitable for bonding almost all materials on almost all surfaces (porous and non-porous). Very powerful and high initial adhesion (high tack), without the need for clamping. 

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  2. Parabond 800

    High quality adhesive based on MS polymers with an extremely high initial tack. For gluing and assembly of practically all heavy materials on just about every background, without the need for clamping. 

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  3. Parabond Construction
    Best sold

    Elastic joint sealant as well as versatile adhesive based on MS polymer. Excellent adhesion on most materials. Suitable for natural stone and can be painted.

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  4. Parabond Fast

    High quality glue based on hybrid polymers with a very fast build-up of internal strength. The glue obtains 75% of its final strength already after 4 hours when gluing porous materials. The assembled parts can be manipulated relatively fast. Ideal for use in the window frames and furniture industry. 

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  5. Parabond Parquet 340

    Universal, elastic hybrid polymer based parquet adhesive for the bonding of all types of parquet. Suitable for underfloor heating. 

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  6. Parabond Parquet 440

    Elastic hybrid polymer based parquet adhesive for the bonding of all types of parquet. 

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  7. Parabond Parquet 540

    Elastic hybrid polymer based parquet adhesive for the bonding of all types of parquet. Suitable for most wood types, also for beech, bamboo and maple. Dries extremely fast: one can thread on the parquet after curing for 8 h. Is also suitable for underfloor heating.

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  8. Paracol PVC PVC

    Synthetic resin-based glue for rigid PVC, PVC gutters and tubes for supply and discharge in sanitary facilities. 

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  9. Paracol Universal Flooring

    Versatile dispersion adhesive for bonding of flexible indoor floor coverings such as LVT, VCT, PVC/CV, linoleum and carpet.

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Discover the unrivalled strength of DL Chemicals’ adhesive products. Every project, big or small, deserves a reliable and durable bonding solution and at DL Chemicals we understand this like no other! With our wide range of over 30 adhesive products in a variety of colours, we are your one-stop-shop for all your adhesive needs.

Our adhesives complement any design

At DL Chemicals, we offer practical colours for our adhesives to ensure you always find the perfect match for your project. We have subtle adhesive colours that blend seamlessly with your design, such as white adhesive, black adhesive or transparent adhesive.

In addition to the different colours, we also offer a wide range of adhesive types:

Create strong, durable bonds with our adhesives

Gluing is much more than just sticking things together. It’s about creating a strong, durable bond that can withstand anything. Whether you need to glue a mirror or tiles, or build a sturdy structure, our adhesives make it possible. With our adhesives, you can make any project a success. Get started today and see for yourself!