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  1. Geotextile

    White tape for the reinforcement of the connection when using Parabond Flex Seal. 

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  2. Croisifix

    Double sided self-adhesive black PE foam coated on both sides with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, covering: synthetic foil, difficult to tear.

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  3. Mirofix

    Double sided self-adhesive white fastening tape (PE-foam), with a high initial bonding strength and excellent final bonding strength.

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  4. Paraplast Super

    Closed cells strengthened polyethylene foam without liner, one side self adhesive. 

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  5. Quickband

    One side self adhesive sealing tape in PVC foam with semi-closed cells, on reels. Can be used as backfilling and for joint sealing. 

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  6. Superfix

    Double-sided, transparent, acrylic adhesive with a red PE filmic liner. For assembling operations requiring very high bonding properties ('High Tack'). 

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  7. Paraband W Exterior

    Vapour diffusion open foil tape for external window constructions, with one self adhesive fixation strip, white. 

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  8. Paraband W Interior

    Vapour diffusion tight foil tape for internal window constructions, with one self adhesive fixation strip, pink.

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  9. Paraband BT

    Cold gluing seal band bases on butyl and alu with an exceptional gluing power, even at cold temperatures.

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