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  1. Paraband W Exterior

    Vapour diffusion open foil tape for external window constructions, with one self adhesive fixation strip, white. 

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  2. Paraband W Interior

    Vapour diffusion tight foil tape for internal window constructions, with one self adhesive fixation strip, pink.

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  3. Geotextile

    Reinforcing coating for cracks, joints, and edges. To be used with Pararoof Seal or Parabond Flex Seal F.

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  4. Paraband Butyl Tape

    Strong cold vulcanizing sealing tape for making rough construction elements, roof edges and chimneys water-, vapour-, and airtight.

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Our comprehensive range of sealing tapes

DL Chemicals offers a wide range of sealing tapes that play a vital role in making joints, seams, and gaps watertight and airtight. Designed to meet your specific needs, our products range from tapes for both exterior window construction and interior window construction to cold-adhesive sealing tapes and sealing cords. Our collection demonstrates our technical expertise and reliability.

Each product in our range has distinct features and benefits. We offer tapes in a range of sizes to ensure you always find the perfect solution for your unique project. Our sealing tapes are synonymous with urgency, professionalism, and quality, allowing you to tackle any project with confidence. With DL Chemicals, you're always guaranteed an effective and efficient solution.