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  1. Paraphalt Primer

    Liquid bituminous, fast-drying primer that considerable improves adhesion between the base surface and the material to be applied.

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  2. Primer PU Turbo

    Very fast working, ready to use adhesion primer. Also suitable as a moisture barrier for cement-bound screeds and concrete. 

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  3. Hydroblocker 2K

    2-component moisture and adhesion primer based on epoxy, suitable as a moisture barrier for cement-bound screeds, concrete and ceramic tiles with a residual moisture content of up to 5%.

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  4. Hydroblocker 3K

    3-component moisture and adhesion primer based on epoxy, suitable as moisture barrier against rising moisture on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Consolidates brittle and dusty surfaces. 

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  5. Silicone Spray

    Lubricant on the basis of silicone, for the smoothing of each sensitive mechanism. Preventing rubbers to dry out and gives a glow on plastic and vinyl. Anti-corrosion and damp resistance for different materials. 

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  6. DL Egaline Primer

    Ready-to-use, fast drying bonding primer for non-absorbing and smooth surfaces or as bonding primer for DL Egaline in case of layer on layer floor levelling application. 

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  7. Hybrid & PU Primer

    Reactive primer, containing solvents, used in combination with Detaflex and Parabond to improve the adhesion on several surfaces.

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  8. Silicone Primer Non-Porous Surfaces

    The primer is used for promoting adhesion on non-porous materials, certain plastics, paints and ceramics.

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  9. Cleaning Wipes

    Reinigingsdoekjes voor het snel en grondig verwijderen van niet-verharde kit, schuim, olie, smeermiddel, verse verf… van handen, gereedschap en oppervlakken.

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