Acrylates & plastic sealants

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  1. Paracryl Exterior

    Plasto-elastic acrylate polymer-based sealant with immediate water-resistance. Indoor and outdoor use.

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  2. Paracryl FR

    Fire retardant acrylic sealant tested according to BS476, part 20; prEN1366-4. Approved by Efectis. Ideal for fire rated constructions.

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  3. Paracryl Parquet

    Elastic sealant based on acrylic dispersion specially developed for the sealing of joints between parquet or laminated flooring and skirting boards and walls.

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  4. Paraheat

    Fire retardant acrylic sealant tested according to BS476 part 20: 1987; Approved by Efectis. Ideal for fire rated constructions. The sealant maintains its integrity during a period of 241 min with temperatures rising to 1150°C. Can be painted.

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  5. Paracryl Deco

    Quickly repaintable (wet on wet) elastic sealant based on acrylic dispersion. 

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  6. Paracryl Structure
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    Plasto-elastische acrylaatkit met ruwe korrelstructuur. Speciaal ontwikkeld voor het dichten van naden en scheuren in structuurpleister. 

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Discover the superior quality and performance of DL Chemicals' acrylates and plastic sealants. These products have been carefully designed and formulated to meet the most demanding sealing requirements. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, our acrylic and plastic sealants provide a reliable and effective solution.

Colours and Variants

DL Chemicals' acrylates and plastic sealants, also known as painter's caulk, stand out for their exceptional versatility and performance. Available in a wide range of colours, including a stylish black acrylic sealant, our products blend seamlessly with any design or decor. But colour is only one aspect of their versatility. Our acrylates are available in a range of variants - fire-resistant, heat-resistant, and sandable options - to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Versatility with a reliable finish

The versatility of our products extends to their use. Whether you're sealing a door or window joint, finishing a window frame, or sealing a fireplace, you can rely on the reliability and effectiveness of our acrylate sealant. They are designed to provide a tight, smooth finish. With DL Chemicals' acrylates and plastic sealants, you can be sure that every project is characterised by precision, quality, and durability.