Adhesives for roofing

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  1. Pararoof Cold Glue

    Flexible bituminous cold glue for bonding bituminous sealing layer without fire hazard on various surfaces.

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  2. Pararoof Super

    Flexible adhesive and sealant used for waterproof sealing of joints, seams, roof edge closures, skylights, drains, roof ducts, chimneys... For sealing leaks and emergency repairs during rainy weather. For plugging cracks, fissures and blisters in roofs and gutters. Suitable for use on wet surfaces and even underwater. Adhesive for bituminous substrates, roofing, roof rolls, tiles, insulation panels, etc.

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At DL Chemicals, we offer a wide range of high quality adhesive products that are specially developed to meet all your roofing needs. Our roofing adhesives are carefully manufactured using advanced technology and expert craftsmanship, resulting in products that offer exceptional durability and reliability.

Outstanding features and benefits

DL Chemicals' adhesives for roof felt are renowned for their outstanding adhesion, superior resistance against weather elements, and user-friendly application. Within our extensive lineup, we proudly present our top of the range bitumen roof felt adhesive. This adhesive is specifically designed to securely bond slate flakes or gravel onto existing bituminous roof membranes. With its strong and long-lasting bond, you can trust our adhesive to provide enduring protection.

Moreover, we offer a specialized roof tile adhesive that is perfect for bonding roof tiles to each other, as well as to wooden battens, fibre cement boards, and roof planks. This adhesive not only provides a strong bond, but also enhances the visual appeal of your roof with its specially formulated colour, creating a uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish.

DL Chemicals' roof felt adhesives: unmatched reliability and durability

When it comes to your roofing projects, trust DL Chemicals' roof felt adhesives to provide reliable, strong, and long-lasting adhesion. Our premium products guarantee superior performance and offer the ideal solution for all your roofing needs.