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  1. Parafoam NBS grey

    Professional polyurethane gun foam for sealing, filling and insulating joints. Extremely suitable for sealing between concrete structures because of the grey colour.

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  2. Parafoam Construct NBS

    Polyurethane construction foam with very low expansion pressure. Ideal for filling, sealing and insulation of joints. Also suitable for bonding lightweight insulation panels in indoor applications. 

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  3. Paracryl Exterior

    Plasto-elastic acrylate polymer-based sealant with immediate water-resistance. Indoor and outdoor use.

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  4. Paracol PU D4 Normal

    Pasty polyurethane-based construction glue, perfect for solid wooden constructions. Waterproof (D4 EN 204) and transparent with filling capacity through expansion. 

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  5. Paracol PU D4 Rapid

    Pasty polyurethane-based construction glue that cures extremely fast: hand-tight after 10 minutes.

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  6. Paracol PU D4 Construct

    Waterproof (D4 EN 204) and thixotropic polyurethane glue. The product foams very little and can be sanded and painted. Cures quickly, hand-tight after 20 minutes. 

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  7. Parafoam 2 K

    Two-component polyurethane foam that cures as a result of a chemical reaction between a prepolymer and a catalyst. For assembling of door linings and window frame installations. Fast and regular curing and no post-expansion after curing. Excellent adhesion to most surfaces. 

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  8. Parafoam FR

    Fire retardant polyurethane foam for the filling, sealing and insulating of big irregular gaps and joints. Fire resistant up to 4 hours. 

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  9. Parafoam FR NBS

    Fire retardant polyurethane foam for the filling, sealing and insulating. Fire resistant up to 4 hours. 

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  10. Parafoam Flexible NBS

    Gun foam with high elasticity. The foam perfectly catches all joint movements from the surrounding materials, so the foam does not crack. Ideal for durable insulation in low-energy and passive homes.

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  11. Wooden Packers

    Wooden packers in beech. The packers have been treated with products that stop rotting. With this treatment the wooden packers are resistant to water and colourfast. Length 80 mm. 

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