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  1. Manual Gun DUAL POWER 310ml

    Robust gun that allows easy switching and saves time for the user. Mechanical transfer ratio is 12:1 (light) and 18:1 (heavy) in one gun. 

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DL Chemicals is your trusted supplier of manual sealant guns. Used in a wide range of industries, our manual guns are designed for ease of use, precision and durability. Our manual guns provide a seamless experience for every job.

Advantages of DL Chemicals manual guns: performance and reliability

Our manual guns are built for quality and performance. They are designed for smooth operation and precise application of sealants, resulting in less waste and greater efficiency. Their robust, ergonomic design and high quality materials ensure a long service life even in the most demanding conditions.

A gun for every type of sealant: Wide range and flexibility

At DL Chemicals we understand that every job is unique. That's why we offer a wide range of manual guns, suitable for cartridges and foil bags of different sizes. We also have guns suitable for different types of packaging. Whatever type of sealant you use, you can be confident that we have the right gun for you.