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  1. Parabond Construction
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    Elastic joint sealant as well as versatile adhesive based on MS polymer. Excellent adhesion on most materials. Suitable for natural stone and can be painted.

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  2. Parabond Facade

    Low modulus elastic joint sealant based on hybrid polymer that is very easy to apply. Excellent adhesion on most materials. Extremely suitable for the sealing of horizontal and vertical expansion joints and connection joints.

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  3. Parabond Flex Seal F

    Universal flexible coating on the basis of MS polymers for interior and exterior sealing of concrete and masonry...

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  4. Parabond FR

    Fire retardant MS polymer based elastic sealant for all connection joints in the building industry. Excellent adhesion on metals, plastics, concrete... Can be painted. Fire resistance tested according EN 1366-4:2006+A1:2010 by DBI.

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  5. Parabond Glazing

    Elastic glazing sealant based on MS polymers. Perfectly paintable with most paints. High UV-resistance and weather proof. Easy to apply and finish.

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  6. Parabond Low Modulus

    Elastic sealant based on hybrid polymers, that is very easy to pump and to apply.

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  7. Parabond Monument

    Sealant compound with permanent elasticity that is applied as a joint in triangular form as windows used to be installed.

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  8. Paraflex 25

    Permanently elastic sealant with an excellent adhesion to most materials used in industry and construction applications.

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  9. Parabond Flex Seal G

    Universal sealant based on MS polymers for repairing gutters and drain pipes, sealing cracks, seams, flower boxes, water bowls., protecting wooden and metal structures....

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At DL Chemicals we understand that the right materials are critical to your project. That is why we have developed a comprehensive range of MS & hybrid polymers that meet the highest quality standards. Our polymer sealants and adhesives are designed to provide strength, flexibility and durability so you can rely on us for your sealing, bonding and assembly needs.

User focused design: unique features and benefits

Our MS & hybrid polymers are designed with the user in mind, with each variant offering unique features and benefits. Some of our products are paintable, giving you the flexibility to achieve the  colour you want. Other products in this range offer fire-resistant properties, providing an additional level of safety for projects in high risk environments. Regardless of the specific product you choose, you can be confident that our MS & hybrid polymers will provide strength and reliability.

Versatile applications: seal, bond, assemble, and protect

Whether you need to seal, glue & assemble or protect something, our MS & hybrid polymers are the perfect choice. They adhere well to a wide range of materials, making them highly versatile. In addition, they are also easy to apply and use. The range also includes a low modulus sealant that even allows for sealing of horizontal and vertical movable and connecting joints.

Complete your projects with DL Chemicals' reliable MS polymer sealant and hybrid polymer.