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  1. Parabond Parquet 240

    Parquet adhesive suitable for all sizes of multilayer parquet flooring (or composite parquet) that complies with the EN 13489 standard, chipboard, OSB and plywood.

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  2. Parabond Parquet 340

    Universal, elastic hybrid polymer based parquet adhesive for the bonding of all types of parquet. Suitable for underfloor heating. 

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  3. Parabond Parquet 440

    Elastic hybrid polymer based parquet adhesive for the bonding of all types of parquet. 

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  4. Parabond Parquet 540

    Elastic hybrid polymer based parquet adhesive for the bonding of all types of parquet. Suitable for most wood types, also for beech, bamboo and maple. Dries extremely fast: one can thread on the parquet after curing for 8 h. Is also suitable for underfloor heating.

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  5. Paracol Parquet 2C PU

    Extremely strong, high-quality two-component polyurethane-based parquet glue. For all parquet types on both porous and non-porous surfaces. 

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Discover the superior strength and reliability of DL Chemicals parquet flooring adhesives. As a leading brand in the chemical industry, we have developed a range of wood floor glues specifically designed to meet the unique needs of professionals. Our products are the result of years of experience and innovation aimed at providing solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable.

DL Chemicals wood floor adhesives: the perfect match for your project needs

Within our range you will find adhesives specifically formulated for use with underfloor heating, characterised by high ultimate strength and heat resistance. We also offer ready-to-use options that require no additional preparation. Our parquet flooring adhesives are designed to provide excellent adhesion and durability in the most demanding conditions. They move with the natural expansion and contraction of wood, helping to prevent cracking and delaminating, ensuring a long and reliable life for your wood floor.

Versatility and strength for multiple applications

DL Chemicals' wood floor adhesives are designed with versatility in mind for a wide range of applications. Depending on the specific product in our range, you can achieve excellent results when bonding different materials such as solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, parquet flooring, particle board and OSB. In addition, certain glues in our range are particularly suitable for bonding wood flooring to screed due to their strong bond strength and durability. It is important to note that the possibilities mentioned here are just a selection of the many applications for which our adhesives can be used.

Whatever the size of your project, DL Chemicals wood floor adhesives will provide the strength and reliability you need to achieve an excellent end result. We invite you to discover the versatility and quality of our products and how they can make your job easier.