Joint backfilling

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  1. Paraplast Super

    Closed cells strengthened polyethylene foam without liner, one side self adhesive. 

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  2. Quickband

    One side self adhesive sealing tape in PVC foam with semi-closed cells, on reels. Can be used as backfilling and for joint sealing. 

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Joint backing material, also known as joint tape, is an integral product in the world of joint sealing. The use of joint tape allow joints to be made less deep, simplifying the caulking process. It acts as the basis for creating a durable, watertight and airtight seal, extending the lifespan of joints in various construction and renovation projects. Whether it's for sealing windows, doors, facades, or other structures, joint backing material plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the seal.

DL Chemicals' range of joint tape

At DL Chemicals, we have several variations of foam tapes and polyethylene tapes within our range of joint backing materials. Each is designed for specific applications. All products are made of high-quality materials and offer superior resistance to weather influences and wear. Whether you need a solution for indoor or outdoor use, for small or large joints, you’re sure to find the perfect foam tape in our range.

The versatility of joint sealing tape

Joint tape is not only useful for sealing joints. It can also be used as an insulation material or to reduce noise pollution. The versatility of joint tape makes it an essential product in any construction project. Choose DL Chemicals' joint tape to benefit from the many advantages and possible applications of this product.