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  1. Parafoam Panelglue 1K

    Foam adhesive for bonding insulation panels within insulating systems. Ready to use and easy application. Ready for further processing after 2 hours (30% saving of time).

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  2. Parachim Vinylester

    Two-component, vinylester, styrene free fixing mortar, perfect for all stress-free anchoring and post-installation of rebars. 

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  3. Paracryl Exterior

    Plasto-elastic acrylate polymer-based sealant with immediate water-resistance. Indoor and outdoor use.

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  4. Parafoam Panelglue NBS

    Foam adhesive for bonding insulation panels. Adheres well to all common building materials. Ready to use and easy application.

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  5. Detaflex 1500

    Universal polyurethane sealant designed for bonding and sealing different substrates in construction industry and navigation. 

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  6. Detaflex 4000

    Medium modulus, elastic polyurethane sealant for sealing and bonding in the construction, automotive and truck industry. 

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  7. Parabond Construction
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    Elastic joint sealant as well as versatile adhesive based on MS polymer. Excellent adhesion on most materials. Suitable for natural stone and can be painted.

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  8. Parabond Facade

    Low modulus elastic joint sealant based on hybrid polymer that is very easy to apply. Excellent adhesion on most materials. Extremely suitable for the sealing of horizontal and vertical expansion joints and connection joints.

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  9. Parafix Cement Repair

    Repair sealant with coarse grain structure for repairing cracks and filling holes in walls and repairing joints between bricks and façade masonry.

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  10. Paraflex 25

    Permanently elastic sealant with an excellent adhesion to most materials used in industry and construction applications.

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  11. Parasilico Alcoxy 15

    Neutral alcoxy curing silicone sealant with an excellent adhesion on the majority of building materials. Very easy to apply. 

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