Wood and construction adhesives

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  1. Paracol PU D4 Normal

    Pasty polyurethane-based construction glue, perfect for solid wooden constructions. Waterproof (D4 EN 204) and transparent with filling capacity through expansion. 

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  2. Paracol PU D4 Rapid

    Pasty polyurethane-based construction glue that cures extremely fast: hand-tight after 10 minutes.

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  3. Paracol PU D4 Construct

    Waterproof (D4 EN 204) and thixotropic polyurethane glue. The product foams very little and can be sanded and painted. Cures quickly, hand-tight after 20 minutes. 

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  4. Paracol Pu Alu Construct

    One-component polyurethane glue for automatic and manual gluing of corner joints in aluminium windows and doors.   

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  5. Paracol Pu D4 Liquid

    One-component, waterproof, liquid, polyurethane-based construction glue.  

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  6. Paracol Wood D4

    Waterproof white wood glue in accordance with class D4, based on polyvinyl-acetate.  

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  7. Paracol 2C PU Construct

    Two component polyurethane-based adhesive for the structural bonding of many materials. Can be used for applications under water.

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At DL Chemicals we understand the importance of choosing the right adhesive for each project. That’s why we are proud to introduce our wood adhesive and construction adhesive category. These products are carefully formulated to provide exceptionally strong bonds in the most demanding conditions.

Water resistance: the all-important D-class of our wood and construction adhesives

An important feature of our wood and construction adhesives is their water resistance classification, known as their D-class according to EN 204.

  • D3: The adhesive can be used where the bond is not permanently or temporarily exposed to running water or condensation, or where the bond is exposed to high humidity or outdoor conditions if protected from direct weathering.
  • D4: The adhesive is highly suitable for bonding where there will be prolonged contact with running water or condensation, or for outdoor bonding where there will be direct exposure to the elements.

Versatility and applications of our wood and construction adhesives

As well as being strong, our wood and building adhesives are versatile. They can be used to bond sturdy wooden structures, to join corner joints in aluminium windows and doors, and even to bond tropical wood. But the possibilities go beyond these applications. Our wood and construction adhesives allow you to tackle a wide range of other projects, making them an essential part of any toolbox. Whether your project is large or small, simple or complex, DL Chemicals has the right adhesive for the job.