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  1. Silicone Remover

    Gebruiksklare gel voor het verwijderen van uitgeharde kitresten zoals silicone, hybride en MS polymeren, polyurethaan en acrylaat.

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  2. Alu cleaner soft

    Cleansing product for removing dirt and grease on all lacquered and unlacquered metals. Has a high cleansing capacity and does not attack lacquers. 

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  3. Alu cleaner strong

    Cleansing product for removing dirt and grease on lacquered and unlacquered metals. Some varnishes can be damaged when treating for a long period. The cleansing capacity is so strong, that dirt can be removed in only a few seconds.

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  4. Alu cleaner structure

    Cleansing product ideal for use on relief lacquers. Does not attack any lacquer and must be used if oxime based silicone sealants will be applied. 

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  5. Parasilico Cleaner

    Specially developed to remove silicone on glass and rigid PVC. Can also be used as degreaser.

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  6. PVC cleaner 2575 Strong

    Very strong cleaner for removing dirt on white rigid PVC materials such as PVC windows, roll-down shutters, decorative shutters, gutter coating, etc.

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  7. Cleaning Wipes

    Reinigingsdoekjes doordrenkt met een detergentoplossing voor het snel en grondig verwijderen van niet-verharde kit, schuim, olie, smeermiddel, verse verf… van handen, gereedschap en oppervlakken.

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  8. PU Foam & Gun Cleaner

    Cleaner for internal cleaning of the NBS-gun and/or removing uncured polyurethane foam or PU adhesives. 

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