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  1. Alu cleaner soft

    Cleansing product for removing dirt and grease on all lacquered and unlacquered metals. Has a high cleansing capacity and does not attack lacquers. 

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  2. Alu cleaner strong

    Cleansing product for removing dirt and grease on lacquered and unlacquered metals. Some varnishes can be damaged when treating for a long period. The cleansing capacity is so strong, that dirt can be removed in only a few seconds.

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  3. Alu cleaner structure

    Cleansing product ideal for use on relief lacquers. Does not attack any lacquer and must be used if oxime based silicone sealants will be applied. 

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  4. Parasilico Cleaner

    Specially developed to remove silicone on glass and rigid PVC. Can also be used as degreaser.

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  5. PVC cleaner 2575 Strong

    Very strong cleaner for removing dirt on white rigid PVC materials such as PVC windows, roll-down shutters, decorative shutters, gutter coating, etc.

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  6. Multi-purpose Super Cleaner

    Universal and powerful multi-purpose cleaner, for both light and heavy pollution. 

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  7. Cleaning Wipes

    Cleaning wipes for quick and thorough removal of non-hardened sealant, foam, oil, lubricant, fresh paint... from hands, tools and surfaces.

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  8. PU Foam & Gun Cleaner

    Cleaner for internal cleaning of the NBS-gun and/or removing uncured polyurethane foam or PU adhesives. 

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  9. Paracleanex Eco Wipes

    Geïmpregneerde, ecologische reinigingsdoekjes voor handen, materialen en oppervlakken.

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  10. Green Cleaner

    Self-cleaning outdoor cleaner for the easy removal of contamination, green staining, and atmospheric deposits on flat and sloped roofs, facades, terraces and garden furniture.

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Looking for the best way to remove silicone?

Our comprehensive range of cleaners and removers are designed to help you maintain your premises, while being easy and effective to use. Whether you're looking to remove silicone or adhesive residue, or simply looking for a reliable all purpose cleaner, we have the solution for you.

Your partner for excellent removers

Removing residue such as silicone sealant or adhesive can be a tricky task. Fortunately, our removers make the process easier than ever. They're specially formulated to dissolve even the most stubborn residues, leaving you with a clean, smooth surface ready for further treatment or finishing. These products can help you save time and effort on your next renovation project. If you're wondering how to best remove silicone, look no further.

Cleaners for a flawless finish

Our range of cleaners is as diverse as your cleaning needs. From versatile all-purpose cleaners and wipes to silicone cleaners to specialist dust and grease removers, we have something for every job. We have cleaning products suitable for use on painted and unpainted metals, textured paints, white rigid PVC materials and more. We even have a foam gun cleaner, which can extend the life and improve the performance of your equipment.