Roof and waterproofing

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  1. Parabond Zinc

    Flexible, hybrid polymer based adhesive sealant, designed for bonding without primer of several metals such as zinc, copper and lead. Specially developed for all assembling in plumbing roofing and sanitary industry. 

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  2. Parabond Flex Seal G

    Universal, highly elastic sealant based on MS polymers. Ideal for finishing surfaces treated with Parabond Flex Seal F and for the sealing of cracks and seams. Suitable for permanent water immersion after drying.

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  3. Parafoam Panelglue NBS

    Foam adhesive for bonding insulation panels. Adheres well to all common building materials. Ready to use and easy application.

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  4. Parabond Flex Seal F

    Universal flexible coating on the basis of MS polymers for interior and exterior sealing of concrete and masonry; for repairs to roofs around chimneys, roof domes, eaves and gutter sealing; for protection against rotting of wood and corrosion of metal; as an anti-slip membrane. Self levelling and ideal for application on big surfaces. Suitable for submerged applications (not for drinking water and aquatic life).

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  5. Paraphalt Liquid

    Semi-liquid coating, applied cold, on the basis of bitumen and rubber for the making waterproof and renovation of roofs and guttering.

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  6. Paraphalt Primer

    Liquid bituminous, fast-drying primer that considerable improves adhesion between the base surface and the material to be applied.

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  7. Paraphalt Reflex

    Liquid bitumen paint with aluminium particles which form a reflective silver-coloured, UV-resistant topcoat on roofs.

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  8. Parasilico EPDM

    Neutral silicone sealant specially designed for bonding, sealing and finishing of EPDM*. *Due to the wide variety of EPDM sheets available a preliminary compatibility test is necessary. 

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  9. Paraphalt Bitumen

    Plasto-elastic, bituminous sealant, reinforced by fibres, for gluing and waterproof reparations on bituminous surfaces. After curing a permanent flexible mass is formed. 

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  10. Paraphalt Cold Glue

    Supple, bituminous, fast-drying, fibre-reinforced adhesive for fixing bituminous roof rolls or as an adhesive layer for fixing slate chippings or gravel to existing bituminous roof sealing.

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