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  1. Paracryl Parafill

    Ready-to-use light finishing paste for filling, smoothening and repair of fissures and static joints in plasterboard, concrete, stone, plaster and brickwork. 

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  2. Parafix Cement Repair

    Repair sealant with coarse grain structure for repairing cracks and filling holes in walls and repairing joints between bricks and façade masonry.

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Professional solutions for your repairs

Do you have problems with damaged plasterwork or cracks in your wall that need urgent attention? DL Chemicals offers the ideal solution with our high quality repair products. These products are specifically designed to help you effectively restore your walls, make them look like new and extend their life.

Advantages of DL Chemicals repair products

At DL Chemicals we understand the importance of repairing wall cracks quickly and efficiently. With our technical knowledge, we offer repair products that are not only durable, but also easy to use. Our products are designed to help you with all types of repairs, whether it’s repairing small cracks with our concrete crack filler or tackling larger plasterwork repairs. We also have a sandable repair product to ensure a smooth and perfectly finished wall once the filler has been applied. Trust DL Chemicals for all your wall repair needs, including crack repair.