Glazing packers

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  1. Wooden Packers

    Wooden packers in beech. The packers have been treated with products that stop rotting. With this treatment the wooden packers are resistant to water and colourfast. Length 80 mm. 

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  2. Framepackers

    For fast and correct aligning and adjusting of wood covering, panels, windows, etc.

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Glazing packer applications and benefits

Glazing packers are critical components in the world of glazing. They are used to hold glass panes in place and ensure a consistent even distance between the glass and the frame. The benefits of using our glazing packers are many. They provide stability and precision during installation and contribute to the longevity of your glazing by eliminating the risk of breakage and leakage.

DL Chemicals' range of glazing packers

At DL Chemicals, we offer a wide range of glazing packers to meet your specific requirements. Our wooden packers are colourfast, water resistant and treated against rotting, making them ideal for use in demanding environments. We also offer framepackers and synthetic packers. All packers are available in a range of sizes. Whatever you choose, you can count on the reliable, high-quality performance that is synonymous with DL Chemicals.