Chemical anchors

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  1. Parachim Vinylester

    Two-component, styrene-free chemical anchor for tension-free anchoring of heavy loads by means of threaded rods. 

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  2. Parachim Polyester

    Two-component, styrene-free fixing mortar for tension-free anchoring of medium-heavy loads by means of threaded rods.

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  3. Parachim Vinylester Box

    24 cartridges of Parachim Vinylester in a sturdy reusable box.

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What are chemical anchors?

Chemical anchors, a key element in the construction industry, are designed to provide superior, stress-free anchoring. A chemical anchor consists of two components. They are made up of high quality resins (component A) and hardeners (component B) which, when mixed in the mixing nozzle, form a bond strong enough to withstand heavy loads. The use of a chemical anchor contributes to the stability and safety of structures and is essential for projects requiring a high level of chemical anchoring.

The DL Chemicals range

One of our leading products is Parachim Vinylester. This styrene-free chemical anchor is ideal for anchoring chemicals in a variety of conditions – dry, wet and even flooded holes. With a handy colour indicator that changes from blue to grey, it shows the working time for added convenience. It’s an excellent choice for chemical anchoring of boilers, air conditioners, railings and more.

We also offer Parachim Polyester. This product is specifically designed for medium duty anchorage applications in building materials. It’s even suitable for ceiling applications without the need for additional accessories. Our focus is on providing technical expertise and reliable solutions so you can count on us for all your chemical anchoring needs.