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  1. Paracol Montagekit Neoprene

    Neoprene-based adhesive with great final strength. Fixing without nails or screws of most of construction material. 

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  2. Parabond 700

    High quality adhesive based on MS polymers with very high initial adhesive strength. For assembling and bonding of almost all materials (light and heavy) on most surfaces, even on damp surfaces. In most cases clamping is not required. Extremely useful for the structural gluing of panels and elements in the professional facade, interior and ceiling construction. 

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  3. Parabond 800

    High quality adhesive based on MS polymers with an extremely high initial tack. For gluing and assembly of practically all heavy materials on just about every background, without the need for clamping. Suitable for bonding in the construction, industry, automotive... where a direct tack is required. 

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  4. Parabond Fast

    High quality glue based on hybrid polymers with a very fast build-up of internal strength. The glue obtains 75% of its final strength already after 4 hours when gluing porous materials. The assembled parts can be manipulated relatively fast. Ideal for use in the window frames and furniture industry. 

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  5. Paracol Montagekit WB

    Water-based adhesive to fix polystyrene or expanded polyurethane elements, insulation material and decorative mouldings without screws or nails. Immediate adhesion and filling capacity

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  6. Paracol PVC PVC

    Synthetic resin-based glue for rigid PVC, PVC gutters and tubes for supply and discharge in sanitary facilities. 

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