The history of DL Chemicals

Since 1936...

Foundation of DL Chemicals Detaellenaere-Loosvelt, by Richard Detaellenaere. 

He starts with the production of putties and paint based on linseed oil. Before, Richard worked as independent linen worker, that's where he got the idea to produce linseed oil based products.

The first factory in the Vijfseweg in Waregem (Belgium) was expanded several times over time.

In 1963 production of paint is stopped. DL Chemicals switches completely to the production of putties.

The second generation and the start of silicone production

In 1966, DL Chemicals was taken over by Daniël Detaellenaere, son of Richard, and his wife Rosane Coppens.

In 1979, the production of silicones starts. This decision is very important in the history of DL Chemicals, as putties are now barely used.

DL Chemicals moves in 1986 to the new location in the Roterijstraat in Waregem, Sint-Eloois-Vijve. Due to the constant growth of the company, this new factory also has to be expanded. In 1994 a new warehouse for raw materials is built.

In the same year DL Chemicals obtains the ISO 9001 quality label and five years later the ISO 14001 environment certificate follows. 

In 2000 an extra warehouse for finished products is put into use.

The third generation and the start of the production of MS Polymers

DL Chemicals is taken over in 2002 by Philippe Detaellenaere, son of Daniël.

In 2003, start production of sealants and adhesives based on the new technology of MS polymers. Launching of the Parabond range.  

Due to the constant growth the factory in the Roterijstraat also becomes too small. As there is no more expansion possible on the current site, DL Chemicals moves to a new site in the Splenterbeekstraat in Wielsbeke is used. From 2012 on the warehouse for finished products and the offices are located here.

Further growth

The new site in Wielsbeke is also further expanded with the purchase of adjacent land and the construction of a new production hall. 

Today, DL Chemicals is a successful producer of joint sealants and adhesives with a turnover of more than 60 million euros realized with the commitment of 175 employees.