Paracol Pu D4 Liquid

One-component, waterproof, liquid, polyurethane-based construction glue. Appropriate for gluing wooden joinery and most common construction material provided that one of both surfaces is water-holding. Slightly foaming, filling capacity. 

  • One component glue
  • High water resistance
  • Conforms to the D4 standard according to DIN/EN 204-D4
  • With filling properties
  • Cures by reaction to the moisture in the substrates.
  • The gaz that escapes during the vulcanization is a small foaming agent, which is being suppressed by the pressure. The adhesive joint is filled completely to prevent the penetration of water. The adhesive joint should not be > 1 mm
  • Adhesive joint: the adhesive does not contain abrasive filling materials so that sawing and planning are not subject to abrasion. Can be applied at low temperatures.
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Type of product Polyurethane prepolymer based on 4,4' diphenylmethanedi-isocyanate (MDI)
  • Bonding of constructions such as window frames...
  • All bonding that need a high water-resistance.
  • Bonding of tropical wood, sandwich panels, polyurethane panels, multiplex, etc.
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One-component, waterproof, liquid, polyurethane-based construction glue.  

  • French VOC emission class A+

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