Paracol Pu D4 Liquid

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One-component, waterproof, liquid, polyurethane-based construction glue. Appropriate for gluing wooden joinery and most common construction material provided that one of both surfaces is water-holding. Slightly foaming, filling capacity. Ideal for seamlessly bonding sheet material such as sandwich panels, door panels...

  • One component glue
  • High water resistance
  • Conforms to the D4 standard according to DIN/EN 204-D4
  • With filling properties
  • Cures by reaction to the moisture in the substrates.
  • The gaz that escapes during the vulcanization is a small foaming agent, which is being suppressed by the pressure. The adhesive joint is filled completely to prevent the penetration of water. The adhesive joint should not be > 1 mm
  • Adhesive joint: the adhesive does not contain abrasive filling materials so that sawing and planning are not subject to abrasion. Can be applied at low temperatures.
Paracol Pu D4 Liquid is available to buy in increments of 12.

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Type of product Polyurethane prepolymer based on 4,4' diphenylmethanedi-isocyanate (MDI)
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One-component, waterproof, liquid, polyurethane-based construction glue.  

  • Bonding of constructions such as window frames...
  • All bonding that need a high water-resistance.
  • Bonding of tropical wood, sandwich panels, polyurethane panels, multiplex, etc.
  • French VOC emission class A+

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