Paracol Strati/G

Contact glue (gel) for bonding all types of covering material. Its thick and thixotropic firmness makes this glue perfect for vertical application on building yards. Easy to spread without drips or threads. . Indoor use.

  • Contact glue (thixotropic pasty)
  • No dripping or smudging
  • Great adhesion
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Type of product Polychloroprene including resins of high quality and a special mixture of aromatic-free solvents
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Poly-chloroprene based gel form contact glue.  

  • Especially for vertical gluing.
  • Bonding of laminated or stratified panels, rubber or plastic selectionnals, wood, veneering, agglomerates, plywood, fibro-cement, metals, cork, phenolic foam, polyurethane, pasted materials on concrete, asbestos cement, plaster on metal, or combination of any of these elements.
  • Indoor use.
Technical data sheet (773.19 kB)

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