Parafoam Low MDI NBS

Assembly foam that contains less than 0,1% free isocyantes. Excellent properties for insulation and filling purposes. The product is user-friendly and conforming to the statutory requirements of the EU regulation EC n° 842 - 2006 of certain fluorinated greenhouse gases. 

  • One-component PU gunfoam with very low diisocyanate content (<0.1%). High thermal and acoustic insulation due to its dense, consistent, flexible cell structure.
  • High water resistance
  • No air moisture needed to harden
  • Low expansion pressure (avoids deformation of the material)
  • Good thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Cured foam can be cut, sawn, plastered and painted and is resistant against water
  • Accurately controlled application with NBS gun
  • CFC- en HCFC-free (ozone friendly)
  • High and lasting flexibility, does not become brittle
  • Enhanced UV resistance, better than standard PU foam
  • Excellent adhesion to most common building materials such as wood, concrete, brick, plaster, metal, polystyrene (EPS and XPS), polyurethane...
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Type of product Polyurethane-prepolymer
  • Sealing, insulating and filling joints such as: installation and insulation of window and door frames, insulations of wall lead-throughs, filling up small cracks, cavities, joints, sealing thermal or acoustic insulation panels....
  • Extremely suitable for expansion joints.
  • Suitable for narrow and deep joints and large cavities (no additional moistening required).
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Assembly foam that contains less than 0,1% free isocyantes. 

  • French VOC emission class A+

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