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  • Free film made of a 1 mm thick layer of acrylic foam adhesive
  • It offers very high tack and extremely high adhesion and shear properties
  • It is produced in self wound format on a red PE filmic liner
  • Very high bonding performances on a wide range of substrates, good resistance to plasticizers
  • Good performances on low energy surfaces
  • High performances on most of synthetic materials
  • High performances on smooth or structured surfaces
  • High initial tack
  • Excellent resistance to solvents, moisture, chemicals, UV and heat
Dimension tapes
1 x 12 mm (33 m)

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Type of product Acrylates
Short description

Double-sided, transparent, acrylic adhesive with a red PE filmic liner. For assembling operations requiring very high bonding properties ('High Tack'). 

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