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Roof & Waterproofing
How to protect against rainwater infiltration?
Walls and porous roofs can be protected against rainwater infiltration in a simple way: by applying waterproofing...
How can I protect my building from groundwater?
Level the ground surface and apply a barrier layer
How can I treat rising damp?
The existing finish of the wall needs to be removed...
How do I install insulation on my flat roof?
Primer de ondergrond indien nodig (zie instructies van fabrikant dakdichting/dampscherm). Start de verlijming van de isolatiepanelen op het verste punt van het daktoegangspunt en werk naar het toegangspunt toe, zodanig dat er niet op de verlijmde panelen gelopen wordt...
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General product questions
My product has expired, can I still use it?
We always recommend using the products before the specified expiration date.
Should I use a primer before applying silicone or adhesive?
On a dry, dust- and grease-free surface it is in most cases not necessary to use a primer.
What is the best way to clean my surfaces?
Surfaces can be degreased with Parasilico Cleaner or a fire alcohol, MEK or ethanol.
How long can I store an opened tube?
Silicone and hybrid sealants harden at a rate of 2 to 3 mm during the first 24 hours.
Upon opening the tube, I see a small layer of oily liquid?
This phenomenon can occur sporadically and is called leaching.
What is the lifespan/durability of my product?
All DL Chemicals tubes, sausages, aerosols and buckets carry an expiration date preceded by the letters "EXP".
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What is the best way to finish newly applied sealant?
Finishing should always be done before the sheet forms.
Under what weather conditions is it best to filling a joint?
Temperatures below +5°C or above +40°C can affect the application of the sealant.
How do I remove wet and/or cured sealant?
Freshly applied silicone can be removed with Parasilico Cleaner.
How many meters of joint can be realized with a tube?
See the table below with the calculations for rectangular joints. For triangular joints you must double the number of meters. These calculations exclude product losses which can be up to 30% depending on the application technique, joint dimensions and...
Which products are UV resistant?
Glazing joints are highly susceptible to UV exposure. For this purpose, we recommend the use of our silicone products.
What products can I use on natural stone?
For such joints, always use Parasilico NS or a hybrid sealant from Parabond.
Which products can be painted?
Acrylates, PU sealants, hybrid and MS polymers can be painted with the most common paints.
What is the maximum temperature that silicones can withstand?
For silicones, the maximum temperature is +150°C, for acrylates +80°C and for hybrid polymers +90°C.
The silicone will turn yellow over time, why is that?
Silicones may yellow due to lack of sunlight or reaction with certain substrates.
How long is my product mold resistant?
There is no date to attach to mold resistance of a product because it depends on many factors.
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What requirements must the substrate meet to be able to install parquet?
The substrate must be dry, level and sufficiently flat and strong with good surface cohesion.
What is meant by an initial tack?
Heavy materials attached to walls or ceilings cannot always be supported until the adhesive has cured. In these cases, an adhesive sealant with a high initial tack provides sufficient adhesive strength to carry the materials independently without sliding...
what is the importance of choosing the right adhesive for parquet?
The choice of a parquet adhesive depends on the nature and flatness of the substrate, the properties and dimensions of the floor elements, ...
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PU foams
Is cured PU foam resistant to water or UV?
PU foam is not resistant to UV rays and should therefore always be repainted or plastered if there is direct sunlight.
Can I store an opened can of PU foam for a long time?
After using a pipette foam canister, you can simply fold the pipette over and push it down onto the closure piece developed for this purpose. This way, the remaining foam does not come in contact with the air. This method gives you the opportunity to...
Do I need to moisten a substrate before using PU foam?
A PU foam will create better padding and adhere better in a humid environment.
How do I apply adhesive foam to insulation panels?
Apply in grooves, with maximum unevenness between insulation and substrate of 1 cm...
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I created an account but can't log in right away yet?
When you create an account on our extranet it must be manually approved by one of our employees. That way we can also link your account to the correct customer number in our system so you can consult all price and order information. We will try to activate...
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